About Monte Carlo

What does Damp-Rated Mean?

Damp-rated ceiling fans work well in areas with moisture, but should avoid direct contact with rain or the elements and hence should be limited to enclosed areas. Damp-rated fans help cool the area and keep the air circulating.

Suggested locations for damp-rated ceiling fans include:

  • Bathrooms
  • Enclosed patios/porches
  • Garages

What does Wet-Rated Mean?

Wet-rated ceiling fans can handle ice, snow and rain. They have applications outdoor beyond damp-rated fans. However, the canopy must be covered and caulked around the edges.

Suggested locations for wet-rated ceiling fans include:

  • Covered patios and porches sheltered from high winds
  • Gazebos sheltered from high wind
  • Anywhere you can install a damp-rated fan

What does Wind-Rated Mean?

There are no wind-rated fans covering all windy scenarios and Monte Carlo's warranty does not cover wind damage.

Best choices for windy locations include:

  • Hugger fans (not able to swing)
  • Fans without brackets
  • Fans with thicker (sturdier) blades