Ceiling Fan Selection from Monte Carlo
What's Your Style?
Monte Carlo offers a large array of designs so you can find a fan which truly complements the décor of your space (inside or outside). A ceiling fan can often pull together the look of a room by capping-off the overall design. Below, select the style(s) which could be right for your space.
Traditional (14)
Typically a bit more formal or ornate, these refined fans feature intricate details and thoughtful design often inspired by classic architectural styles which add sophistication, warmth and richness to a space.
Transitional (57)
Balancing traditional and contemporary design elements, these fans complement a wide range of décor choices or an eclectic mixing of styles. They are sophisticated while also being streamlined stylistically and are sure to remain relevant over time.
Modern (136)
Clean lines, less ornamentation and a minimalist approach characterize these designs. Whether used within an equally sleek décor or as a foil to more ornate surroundings, the architectural silhouette of these fans conveys style and edge.
Outdoor (18)
To bring the style you seek inside your home to all your outdoor spaces as well, these fans deliver both durability and design. Anytime of day or night, the air movement and light they provide help extend your usable living space well beyond the boundaries of your home.